Convert a conventional fireplace to water heat fireplace.


Energy fireplace

Energy fireplace

Conventional fireplaces for solid fuel have low efficiency, because the largest amount of energy produced by fuel almost 90%, freely excreted into the environment through the chimney. The fireplaces are characterized by high consumption of wood, which not only burden the financial budget of the user, but also the environment with unnecessary pollutants.

The energy fireplaces retain 75% of the heat they produce, achieving the highest efficiency of any conventional type of fireplace and are classified into two categories, air heating fireplaces and water heating fireplaces.

The energy fireplaces which have air tubes, deliver warm air in the room, while the corresponding purpose of water heating is to attribute all the energy of wood to the heating system with minimal losses.

The water heating fireplace must close with a suitable fire resistant glass. The fireplace is made ​​of cast iron and its performance is extremely high.

A fireplace heat exchanger converts a conventional fireplace into a water heating fireplace, without any significant interference to existing conventional fireplace.

Convert a conventional fireplace to water heat fireplace.



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